This course provides instruction on the use of the PHI Pilates Duckie for positioning and stabilization of the pelvis.  

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Happy 2015 from PHI Pilates!
Dr. Christine Roman-Ruby shares tips on lengthening and strengthening the Latissimus Dorsi using the Pilates reformer.
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Happy New Year 2014! This free holiday podcast features a discussion on the sway back posture and the imbalances that create it. Chrissy demonstrates correction of this standing posture and exercises to correct the imbalance that feeds this posture.
This 15 minute stream discusses balancing the latissimus dorsi length and strength to improve posture and function.  Enjoy!
In this video Chrissy Romani-Ruby demonstrates how to use the PHI Pilates Duckie to teach a client how to find and hold a neutral pelvic position.
This 15 minute educational session is brought to you by PHI Pilates as a holiday gift.  The topic is creating balance of the iliotibial band and muscles about the hip.  Have a beautiful holiday season and a prosperous new year!